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Knape Industries shall endeavor to provide State of the Art finishing and secondary operations to various automotive, furniture, electronics, and hardware manufacturing companies in Michigan and the surrounding areas.  These services shall include preparation of metal and plastics for paint application of decorative and functional coatings, and use vacuum metallizing for both decorative and functional purposes.  

  • The company shall pursue the goal of being the highest quality, cost competitive, and service oriented supplier of these services in the area.
  • The company shall strive for constant improvement in these areas and shall orient and train staff and personnel to attaining and maintaining a State of the Art presence in these fields.
  • Further,  the goal of this endeavor is to guarantee delivery of “Defect Free” products and services to our customers.
Vacuum Metallizing
Vacuum Metallizing

Applying a metal finish within a vacuum, vacuum metallizing gives a chrome-like finish to a desired surface that has a wide range of uses.


Knape Industries uses a combination of hand and machine spraying in the finishing of a wide range of products.

Pad Printing & Hot Stamping
Pad Printing

Applying ink to rounded and flat surfaces. Pad printing and hot stamping offer a solution to designs too small or complex for mask painting.

Experience and Knowledge

Knape Industries is family owned with a deep long-standing understanding of finishing operations. We have the experience and knowledge to guide you during design and finishing requirement determination. Our outstanding customer service keeps our customers coming back and creates strong relationships that stand the test of time.

We do whatever it takes and go the extra mile to make your purchasing and processing logistics straightforward and trouble free.

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